I’m Anna Fusco. Some people call me Lordcowboy. I live in an intentional community on California’s central coast with nine people and three dogs. I love drawing and writing. I also love wearing hats and being alone.

I create things and share them with heavy regularity on Instagram @lordcowboy and in my online shop.

This newsletter comes out three times a month and makes frequent stops at topics like relationships, personal histories, creativity, self-actualization, and acceptance.

Join me as I publicly learn to love myself while transforming three decades of internalized misogyny, daddy issues, and self-abandonment. More fun than it sounds. Real Modern Cowboy™, romance themes abound. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

While I plan to share aspects of what I think about with everybody, most of my letters are for paid subscribers. Other people’s writing has changed my life. I think all writing should be valued — not just the personal kind — but my letters are revealing. I’m not ready for the entire world to read them yet.

Whatever capacity you have to be here is okay with me. I’m grateful to have every single reader. If you want to subscribe and test the water before diving in, that’s just fine. If eventually upgrading your subscription to paid is a possibility, I’d love it if you thought about it. I write from my heart and I want to keep doing it.

I offer different payment tiers. A month-to-month subscription is $5 and comes out to around $1.60 an email (and $60 out of your pocket annually). An upfront annual subscription is $50, which offers two months free. I also offer an annual gift of a print or poster from my website if you sign up for the Big Big Fan plan at $100/year.

I hope my work resonates, inspires, and makes you feel less alone. Most of all, I hope what I write reminds you to take the pressure off wherever you can and let yourself be you.

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photo by Joy Newell


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Just a girl in clogs with a blog, publicly learning to love myself. Radical self-sharer, romance themes abound. These letters make frequent stops at personal histories, relationships, and self-fulfillment. It ain't much but it's honest work.


Anna Fusco 

Anna Fusco (b. 1989, Rome, Italy) is an artist known for www.lordcowboy.com & some big drawings. Unsupervised is where her juicy, reader-supported love letters come out, three times a month. She currently lives on the central coast of California.